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Taming Choas is my personal blog and first WordPress site. I developed my own theme with custom graphics. The seamless background is made in Adobe Illustrator.

One of my favorite topics in webdesign is to make a liquid design that fully extends to the corners of the webbrowser. I reached the effect with CSS styled div’s aligning to the browser sides. The “wave” consists of two parts, one aligning to the left, one aligning to the right of the browser window.

The design is meant as a parody on our spotless and overly ordered modern society.


Working as a free-lance railway consultant I have been ambivalent about the naming of my company. I have been playing with the “Flamingo” brand from the very first start but it didn’t really have much to do with the – very serious – railway business.

People advised me to use my own name instead and I registered at the chamber of commerce as “Adviespraktijk ir. B. Schotanus”. Over time it was the word “Adviespraktijk” (advice practice) that appeared strong and I focussed my presentation around that. As a promotion for my little one-man-company I started a website called

The original website was a statically coded “brochureware” site. I also maintained a blog using Apples iWeb software, which seemed promising when I started. But iWeb didn’t offer the amount of control I was searching for. I upgraded my site to the WordPress CMS, which allowed me to integrate the blog with the static content.

My intention was to do my blogging in English on “Taming Choas”, keeping as my business site. Then, quite some subjects appeared more appropriate for blogposts in Dutch and became a bloggingsite as well.


I have done my first web publishing way back in the 1990’s. I started writing HTML code in a text editor, which was fun to do. I – wrongly – assumed handcoding to be something of the past and the future would be wysiwyg-editors. When the opportunity was there I moved to Frontpage which fulfilled the wysiwyg promise quite well at first but worked out hopelessly complicated later on.