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Map Viewer

FirstFlamingo Map Viewer is your refreshing alternative to Google Maps. With its smooth, seamless zooming, scale bar and option to show your current location, OSM Viewer offers you the latest, most accurate geographical details in an easy to use way.


…you’re in a foreign location, ready to do some hiking. There’s real concern about getting lost, so you pull out your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to consult the Map Viewer.

Easy right?

In just a second, you pinpoint your location on the map. It was easy to spot, thanks to the full screen imagery. A quick check of the terrain to know what you’re in for then you head off to enjoy the countryside and fabulous views.

If you should happen to get so caught up in the vistas that you forget to watch where you’re going, don’t worry. FirstFlamingo Map Viewer gives you the option of location awareness. Check the screen to see where you currently are then you can decide the best way to get to your next destination. Easy, right?

An awesome resource

FirstFlamingo Map Viewer gives you access to maps of the whole world. That’s right, all of it. The application uses the OpenStreetMap collaboration project. Thousands of volunteers build and maintain this awesome resource. Your map areas are being trekked, edited and developed by people who actually walk those trails, live next to that mountain range and drive down those streets. Talk about first-hand knowledge!

A refreshing alternative to consulting Google Maps, FirstFlamingo Map Viewer offers you current, accurate and interesting geographical details of any area and country. Want to zoom in to see which businesses are on that street? No problem, it’s fast, smooth and seamless. There’s even a scale bar to help you gauge the distance.


Just look at the features you get when you download FirstFlamingo tMap Viewer:

  • Full screen imagery
  • Three different map renderings
  • Basic maps application using OpenStreetMap data
  • See world, country, city, terrain, street
  • Smooth, seamless zooming
  • Scale bar
  • Optional location awareness
  • Super easy to use

You are really going to enjoy using your FirstFlamingo Map Viewer. It will very quickly become one of your most indispensable tools.

Visit FirstFlamingo Map Viewer in the App Store now to get started.