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The founder

Hi, I am Berend Schotanus, founder of First Flamingo Enterprise. I started First Flamingo Enterprise in 2003 when I quit my day time job at Dutch Railways.

As a free-lance consultant I have done several assignments in transport policy and railway technology. Searching for exciting new and innovative solutions I started looking at other industries.

A passion for technology

My primary drive is a passion for technology, the desire to understand how things work, the desire to be creative and implement my own solutions.

The name

The name “First Flamingo Enterprise” was inspired upon Walt Disneys animation movie Fantasia 2000 that features a clip on Camille Saint-SaĆ«ns “The Carnival of the Animals”.

screenshot from: Walt Disney, Fantasia 2000

Screenshot from: Walt Disney, Fantasia 2000

The clip shows a flock of flamingos. One of the flamingos clearly is a misfit between his mates. He is playing his own game, that the others don’t really understand. And while he is clearly having fun his behavior seems to embarrass the others who try to stop him and want him tot adapt to the standard.

While working for Dutch Railways I increasingly felt an outsider. When I started for myself this clip felt like a great inspiration to find my own way.