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Rail Atlas

Do you want to know where your railway journey leads you, which stations you will pass? Are you involved in planning? Do you want to access technical details of the railway, like electrification or signaling systems? Are you a railway professional or simply interested?

FirstFlamingo’s Rail Atlas will give you a full overview of railways with passenger traffic in the Netherlands. It will show you all railway stations. Rail Atlas lets you choose between four different maps:

  • the number of tracks on a route,
  • the electrification system,
  • the system for automatic train protection,
  • the allowed speed.



Map Viewer

FirstFlamingo’s Map Viewer shows you one of the most fascinating collaborative maps in the world: OpenStreetMap. With its smooth and seamless zooming and a sparse user interface, Map Viewer does everything to get out of the way between you and a great map experience.

Experience OpenStreetMap